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Why YourTravelLinks?
With our link lists your online-research will be quicker and more efficient. Our link lists are selected by function, clarity and quality of information. The links we send are tested, constantly updated and suitable to your requirements. YourTravelLinks is your reliable partner in any travel research on the internet.

How does it work?
Step 1 : Choose your list/s
Let us say you are planning a stay in Paris/France. Our standard link list “Travel Information” can give you useful information about the French capital. If you wish to obtain more in-depth knowledge, our standard list “Travel Literature” provides you with links to books, brochures etc. about your destination. If you need an overview of where to stay - choose a standard list “Accommodation”. Our list offers you recommended search engines combined with a selection of accommodation in different price categories. Want to stay for a week in the famous artist’s quarter Montmartre? Tell us what you need - and we will produce your very own personalised list (“Accommodation, tailor-made”).
Step 2: Order your chosen list/s
Order your list/s on our order form.
Step 3: We send you the list/s
You will receive our list/s by e-mail (PDF-attachment). We will make an effort to send you a standard list within 48 hours. Due to our meticulous attention to your requirements, tailor-made lists may need up to 10 days. Thank you for your patience.
Step 4: You send us the invoice amount
Attached to the mail will be an invoice. The payment can be made by transfer to our German Bank account. We are currently looking for an easy payment option for NON-EU clients. Meanwhile, please contact us to find an alternative option.
Our Extra Service:
Having chosen your perfect accommodation you may still have questions about the offer – in case of language difficulties, leave the communication with your host to YourTravelLinks.

Support and Rates - at a Glance
Please choose your national, regional or local link list from Britain, France, Germany or the United States. All lists are available in two versions:

Standard, per page* 10,00 €
Tailor-made, per page* 25,00 €
Communication (charge by mutual agreement)
Further service on demand
Listwith links to:
Travel InformationTravel basics / history and culture / nature and landscape / sightseeing / accommodation / dining
Accommodation Search engines for hotels, bed & breakfasts, chambres d’hôtes, motels, guesthouses, inns, hostels etc. / specialized search engines / suggestions
Travel Literature Reviews / online-texts / specialized publishers / bibliographies etc.

*The number of links per page may vary according to the number of high quality offers available for your destination. One page consists of a minimum of 20 links, preferably 30.

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